Monday, July 29, 2013

Roundtable Event: Don’t let food allergies keep you from dining out in NYC!

Don’t be afraid to eat at restaurants because of your food allergies. Embrace them. Just be sure you know the facts!

The doctors at Hudson Allergy are joined by the Skinny Chef to give people with food allergies quick tips and tools to dine our safely.

Join us on Thursday, August 15th at 6:30pm
 Hudson Allergy, 49 Murray Street, Tribeca

Dr. Tim Mainardi & Dr. Julie Kuriakose from Hudson Allergy will host this roundtable discussion dedicated to food allergies and dining out safely in our foodie culture. The event will highlight:
-       Questions to ask when you are at a restaurant
-       What to do if you feel the onset of symptoms
-       Dining out resources
-       Reasons to see an allergist
-       Q & A

Plus, joining the doctors of Hudson Allergy is special guest Jennifer Iserloh.

Jennifer Iserloh, also known as the Skinny Chef, joins the discussion and gives advice on eating out with allergies from a chef’s perspective. Plus she’ll be giving away her latest superfood sauces to a few lucky winners!

Do you have specific questions? Please email us in advance at or ask them during the  Q & A session. Looking forward to seeing you there. If you are planning on attending, please register on our Facebook Page.